Stress Free

I’m back!!! Today’s blog post is about what steps I do almost everyday to be stress free! I try not to worry about anything because it takes a toll on you. It will keep you up at night and all sorts of crazy stuff that no one needs!!! I know the first thing that I do to be stress free is praying. I take about 15 minutes out of my day to pray about whatever I’m feeling. I personally like to do this outside where it’s peaceful and quiet. It really helps me to start my day and get on track with life. Now, I don’t pray throughout the whole entire day I just like to do it when I feel like I need to, so I set a time everyday to do it. The second thing that I do to be stress free is having a planner ( I will have a link down below). Using a planner helps me to write down stuff if I have a really busy week but I mainly like to use them for school. Sometimes I will be thinking of all the stuff I have to do that week, if I have a ton of assignments or just a lot of errands to run with people. The last thing I do to be stress free is to keep a journal. It can be a 10 cent or a $100 journal. Whatever works for you. I recommend keeping it by your bed so at night if you’re thinking of a ton of different stuff you can just reach over and grab your journal. Just write down your thoughts and feelings about whatever is bugging you or just something that happened that day!

Links for planner and journal :



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post!



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