Back To School Hacks

I know that sometimes we need some hacks to make school just a little bit easier! So, in today’s blog post i’m going to tell you 10 life hacks I found from Pinterest!

  1. Download the app “Photomath”. Just take a pic of your math problem and it shows you how to work it out and the answer.
  2. Create a playlist depending on how long it takes you to get ready, so if it takes you 1 hour to get ready make a playlist that equals up to 1 hour!
  3. If you’re at school and accidentally close a tab just type in ctrl+Shift+t and it reopens it!
  4. When you’re finished with an essay type it out, copy and paste to Google Translate and listen to it for any mistakes!
  5. If you want a direct answer for your question type in
  6. The smell or taste of an Orange relieves 70% of stress!
  7. Need to stay off your phone while studying? Go to and type in any links to stay off of!
  8. will save your life, my sister showed me this one!
  9. If you’re tired at school, hold your breath for as long as you can then slowly breath out, it increases the heart rate.
  10. Starting your day with a 30 minute workout will improve your mood throughout the day!     Untitled

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