How to Survive Middle School/ Junior High! 

Omg! I am SUPER excited for this back to school post! I am going to tell you guys 5 tips on how to survive Middle school or Junior High! But, it’s kind of sad because this is my last back to school post!!! So sad!!! So enjoy this post as much as you can! 

1. Use a planner- This tip is SO important, I write my life in my planner! I love it so much and its a pretty good stress reliever too! 

2. Wear Clothes you feel confident in! If you wear clothes you know you look good in then it will make you happier and make you feel better about yourself. 

3. Be PREPARED! This will literally help you SO much!!! Always keep in your bag the items that you really need and if you think you have a test the next day, then make sure you study for it!

4. Ask for help! If you need help then raise your hand or go to the teachers desk. It can be embarrising for some people (me) but just do it. It will help you get them straight A’s. 

5. Always have a smile on your beautiful face! Have a SMILE. If something is bugging you just smile because you know what: Its really going to get you far! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and im SO sorry this doesn’t have a picture! But I love you ALL anyway!!!! 😘


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