Sleepover Expectations VS. Reality!

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my blog! I am so excited for today’s post!  In this post, I’m going to be doing 5 sleepover expectations VS. Reality! Also, super fun news! I am collabing with the one and only T’s effortless living! I LOVE her blog, she has so many amazing posts and you should go follow her! Her blog >

Go under the picture for the expectations VS. reality!


  1.  Trying to stay up all night/ falling asleep early! T and I always will say that we are going to stay up all night and do so much stuff but in the end we always fall asleep at like 10:30!
  2. Take cute pics/ ugly pics! We always try to take cute pictures or videos and in the end they end up looking so bad and you wish you would of NEVER taken them!
  3. Plan on having a dance party/ ugly dancing! My friends and I are always like: “we can dance, blah blah blah!” Well, lets be honest! When we try to dance it turns into the ugliest dancing EVER! Haha!
  4. Plan on having healthy and yummy food/ eating chips and chocolate! We always try to be like ” We will eat blah at 9:45″ Well it never happens. We typically just eat chips all day! Don’t get me wrong, I love chips!
  5. Getting dressed up and cute/ in your PJ’s all day! We always plan on packing cute outfits and going to places, but usually we just sit around in our jammies looking ugly!

So, I hope you LOVED this post! On her blog she will be doing the other 5! If you guys want more collabs, then make sure you comment down below what kind! Love you all! Bye! 🙂


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