Planner Sticker Haul pt. 1! 

Heyyyyyy!! So I’ve been waiting to do this post because in my opinion it’s SUPER exciting. I have always loved to organize and especially by writing stuff down. I recently got a new planner and I’m obsessed with it. I did have a small one but then I decided to get a bigger one because of my blog. I need more space to write stuff. I was on YouTube and I was watching a bunch of plan with me videos. I loved how cute they were so I wanted to order me some stickers. My cousin also has a blog and she is very organized like me. I decided that any time I buy stickers I will get her some too. The Etsy shop I purchased from was called The Planning Co. I will link her shop below. I really like her shop because I mainly like half boxes and stuff like that. She has them for a great price and they’re really good quality. Her stickers shipped in less than a week which I love! As I pulled the stickers out I saw something we didn’t order (a freebie) I was freaking out I was so excited! I love these stickers so much! I will link the stickers and her shop below. 

Shop: The Planning Co.

Nutcracker: Nutcracker stickers

Peppermint Bliss: Peppermint

Cousins blog: T’s Effortless Living

Hope you loved it! If you want more planner posts let me know down below! Love you all! ❤️

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 


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