Birthday Haul|2016! 

Hey lovelies!! What’s up? So, my birthday was yesterday (October 23rd) and I went to many many stores and got several different things. I love everything I got and I am super blessed to have gotten all of these things. So let’s get into what I got, where I got it, and prices. So the first few things I got were boots, leggings, and a shirt.

  • Boots- Ross, $29.99
  • Leggings- Charolette Russe, $5 
  • Shirt- My mom,  $? So next I got 2 lush bath bombs.
  • Lord of Misrule (green one)- $7.45
  • Shoot for the Stars- $6.95            Then I got a washi tape roll and led lights. 
  • Washi tape: TJMaxx, $4.99
  • Led Lights: Ross, $7.99Then I got 3 face masks and a free birthday gift. 
  • Face masks: Sephora, $3 each
  • Gift: Sephora Last I got, 2 candles from rue21 and 2 candles from bath and body works. 
  • Eucalyptus Mint: Rue21, $12.99
  • Wanderlust: Rue21, $1. They had a sale
  • Vanilla Snowflake: Bath and Body Works, $12.50 
  • Marshmallow Fireside: Bath and body works, $12.50  

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