Expecatations Vs. Reality of Christmas Day! 

Hi guys!!! I’m super excited about this blog post especially because 1.) it’s a collab!! And 2.) Christmas is in two days!! Yay! I’m doing a collab with T’s Effortless Living!! I will link her blog for you guys! If your coming from her blog, then Hi! I hope you like this post!!

We are going to be doing 10 expectations vs. reality of Christmas Day!! She’s doing 5 and I’m doing 5!  Let’s get started! 

1. Expectation: When you write out your list and expect everything on it. 
Reality: You get like one present and it’s something weird like socks. 

2. Expectation: When you go to sleep on Christmas Eve thinking that it will snow overnight and have a bunch of snow the next day. 

Reality: When you wake up and there’s no snow at all in the ground. 

3. Expectation: When you think your going to take super cute pictures! 

Reality: Once you look at the pictures, you look awful. BUT THEN, someone posts them… 

4. Expectation: When you open your stocking and there’s a TON of stuff! 

Reality: When you open your stocking and there’s like a headband or some crayons. 

5. Expectation: Your going to love your stuff all day and never get tired of it. 

Reality: Like one hour after you open presents you get bored of them and have nothing to do. 

Those were all of my expectations vs. reality, if you want to go hear 5 more awesome ones then head on over to her blog. If you like my posts, then you will like her posts! 

Link: T’s Effortless Living

Love you all and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! 😘🎄


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