10 Snapchat Hacks!

10.pngI use Snapchat ALL the time, I love it SO much. In today’s post I will be telling you my top 10 hacks that I use all the time for Snapchat!

  1. This one I use all of the time. Go to settings, general, accessibility, and then turn on zoom. This makes it super easy to draw or write.
  2. This one I’m sure you already know but I use it everyday. After you take a picture, find an Emoji and zoom in to the edge of the Emoji to get a new filter.
  3. I use this one all the time too. After you take your picture then go to a filter and then hold down on it and swipe to another filter to have 2 filters.
  4. To draw in different colors go to the color scale and then drag up to the left corner for white, and the right corner for black.
  5. After you write a sentence then make it bigger, but you want it in one line instead of two or three just pinch it together to fit it onto one line.
  6. This one is a lifesaver, if you don’t have unlimited data (like myself) then go to the settings in Snapchat and turn on “Travel Mode”. While you’re using Snapchat it will save data.
  7. I always wondered how to turn off the sound in your videos and I finally figured it out. All you have to do is take a video and then in the bottom right corner click on the volume thing and boom there ya go.
  8. If you shrink down Emoji’s, you can create realistic scenes with them.
  9. Another one with the color part. Basically if you want a faded color then just drag your finger from that color on the color wheel thing and you will get a faded color.
  10. If you don’t already know this one then you are about to know. If you go to Snapchat settings, manage preferences, and then friend emoji’s and then you can change your friend Emoji’s.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you liked this and start to use these everyday. Bye!! 


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