Plan with Me!!


Hey guys!! Welcome back to my blog. Sooooo, I decided to do another planner post. Usually I wouldn’t do a post like this but I decided you guys might want to see how I plan in my planner. So let’s get into it.

I design my own planner stickers because  I love being creative. I also love buying them but I can’t always go on Etsy and buy them. I design all of my planner stickers on PicMonkey. It’s super easy. So I always will start with putting washi tape and then I will put all of my stickers in and then I will write any assignments or birthdays or important events. I will also mark any TV shows I have on. That was a super easy plan with me but if you want a more in depth one then make sure to let me know. 

Hope you liked this post. Bye!


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