DIY Spring Room Decor!

Welcome back to my blog!! I hope you really liked my Spring Room Tour!! Now, I’m going to show you 3 different DIY’s that are SO easy and quick. However, I did accidentally delete a picture so I can’t show you the 3rd DIY but I will tell you about it.

  1. Marble Mug. So to do this marble mug, you can get any plain coffee cup. I used white because that’s what I like. Add squiggly lines and then take a paper towel and bunch it up. Dab it in rubbing alcohol and then dab out the squiggly lines. I put a plant in one and my makeup brushes in another.
  2. Hanging pictures. You will need a stick, string, tape, and some pictures. Tie one string onto the stick so it can hang up. Tie 3 strings on the stick and then tape each picture onto the string. This is super cute and easy to make.
  3. Patterned Rocks. You will need, rocks, and a sharpie. I went outside and found 3 rocks that were flat on the top and then I drew all types of patterns on them. I really liked them and they are so cute.

I hope you liked this post!! Bye!


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