Spring Pamper Routine!

mark-your-calendars-1Hi guys!! I love reading/watching these types of posts/videos. So I decided I would make a post like this.  16174428_344904449236069_8607827774020732355_nI got this kit at Ross. I LOVE IT. It comes with makeup remover, face mask (which is amazing), cleanser, exfoliate, body wash. hand and nail cream, and a hydration treatment. I use these all and LOVE THEM SO SO SO SO SO much. 16142654_344904462569401_6490418356984542156_nI will also pour this into my bath. I love this stuff. I just use it to make bubbles.

I picked up these makeup wipes and they are a Korean brand. They are so soft and smell amazing. They take off every single speck of makeup,dirt, and oil. These are just my normal makeup wipes. I picked up both of these sheet masks from TjMaxx and I love them both so much. They work really good. 
I hope you liked this post!! See you next week!


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