10 Girl Struggles


Okay, you have to admit being a girl is hard. Some people just don’t understand. I decided to share with you 10 different Girl Struggles, that ALL girls go through. If you enjoy this please give it a like and share it with your friends. Let’s get into it.

  1.  Waking up super early. This one seems to happen to me all the time, and what I mean by waking up early, is that we have to wake up at like 545 just to have time for hair, makeup, clothes, and getting everything ready. Sometimes though, you just want to lay in bed all day.
  2. Ruining Makeup. Okay so you have on your face, your looking pretty, and then all of a sudden your favorite powder drops. Oh no!! Your hoping it didn’t break. Butttttttt, it did.
  3. Shopping for school. This one is CRAZY. So, your shopping and you find a really cute pair of shorts. Well, why don’t I try them on? So, you head to the dressing room. Once you have them on and look in the mirror, you see that they are like 2 centimeters to short. Oops, can’t buy those unless I want to get dress coded.
  4. Shaving your Legs. Omg. You shave your legs and they feel super smooth. When you get out of the shower and go in your room, you realize you missed a whole section. Ugh.
  5. Periods. Nope. Not even going to explain this one. You already know.
  6. When your clothes disappear. Yeah this actually happens. You get out of the shower and go into your closet. Where is that super cute shirt I just  bought yesterday?!
  7. Nail Polish. Seriously, you paint your nails and then the next day they already have a chip in them. What even?!
  8. When your wearing lipstick and its windy. So your having a great day with your friends, until the wind decides to ruin it. Your hair starts blowing around, and the next thing you know, your hair is stuck to your lipstick.
  9. When your ponytail is wayyyy to tight. You all know the feeling, I mean it feels like someone is pulling your hair.
  10. Taking off makeup. So your about to go to sleep when you go to rub your eyes and realize you still have on a full face of makeup. You know you don’t want to take it off but you know you need to.

Ohhh, the joys of being a girl.

I hope you liked this post!! Bye! 🙂


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