Spring Skincare Routine! 2017

My skin is super oily especially in spring and summer. I have tried numerous amounts of products just trying to control the oil. I was using the Garnier Blackhead eliminating scrub and I loved that SO much. It was gentle enough for everyday use. That helped clear up my blackheads a lot. But, I still had oily skin. So I started using this product, the Garnier Shine Control Gel. It is amazing. It controls the oil on my skin, and there aren’t too many blackheads. this line is one of my favorites! This is my routine:

  1. Remove my makeup, one of the absolute worst things is going to bed with your makeup on, it clogs your pores and that’s probably most of the problem that a lot of people have with acne. I feel like this makeup remover gets all the oil, dirt, makeup, blackheads out of my skin. It makes my skin feel so great.
  2. Cleanse. This cleanser is so amazing, as I explained above. This step is super important to keep your skin clear. This one is only $5-$6 and I love it.
  3. After that, I will apply tea tree oil on my nose and it keeps it away from acne.
  4. Moisturize, whether your skin is oily, dry, normal, or combination, this is SO important. This is one of my favorite moisturizers because my skin is oily and this keeps it hydrated without over hydrating it.

One thing I have learned, is that less is more. I used to use so many products on my skin thinking that it would help, but in the long run, it caused more acne. Keeping it simple is better because your not putting as many chemical filled products on our skin.

That’s all for today’s blog post. I hope you really liked it. If you did please give it a like. Bye!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post!


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