What to do when it’s Raining!!


Hi guys!! So since it’s April, it rains a lot where I live. I decided to share with you guys 5 different things to do when it’s raining. Lets get started >>

  1. Read. Reading is really important and I think its really fun to do. There is so many book options to read.
  2. Binge watch a TV show. There is only a few TV shows I like, most of them are on TLC. So if there is a marathon on that day, I know what I will be doing.
  3. Pamper Day. I love doing face masks and things like that so I would love to do this on a rainy day.
  4. DIY’s. This is just really fun to do and theirs millions of DIYS out there.
  5. Relax. Just lounge around with a blanket and watch outside. This is really fun to do in my opinion.

That’s all for today’s post!! Bye guys!! 🙂


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