Life Hacks to be Stress Free!!


Hey guys!! Welcome back. I know that if you’re in school then you probably have state testing coming up soon. I thought this would be a perfect blog post on how to be stress free at really any time. So  let’s get into it >>

  • Go for a walk. I think going for a walk is so nice and peaceful. I have a really big backyard so I can just go and walk out there. You can take your dog, a friend, or just go by yourself.
  • To do lists. I love to do lists. They make me feel SO organized. I would recommend writing down the things that HAVE to be done before you go to bed and then draw a line and write any extras that aren’t as important and don’t have to be done really soon.
  • Sleep. Obviously we need to do this, but instead of staying up until 12 or 1, get to bed early. Come home, do any homework or any thing from work. Just get it done early so you don’t have to worry about it later and wake up in the middle of the night worrying about it.
  • Exercise. A lot of people say that this is super important, and yes it is. When you’re stressed you can go for a run or do some yoga or even just do a quick stretch. It’s that simple.
  • Play with you pet. This is a super good stress reliever and since I got a dog life has just been so much easier and I love it.
  • Treat yourself. This one is so easy and so simple but it really works. Just do something simple for yourself every once in a while.

That was all for today!! I hope you liked this a lot and I hope that it helped you. Bye!! 🙂


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